Kreativität, Mut und die Kraft der Farben

Corona-Arbeit, August 2020 -

Creativity, courage and the power of colours

Since March I have been working in the studio with great intensity and now the first works from my discourse on complementary contrast and the power of colour are ready.

It was and is a long, exhausting working day. But, the first works are so great and some of them have become so "different" than originally thought. I am very happy about these exciting and powerful works.

When drops of water break the sunlight, we can see a rainbow: a semicircle of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan (blue-green/turquoise), blue and finally violet. The so-called spectral colours. And it is exactly this "play of colours", these "colour sounds" that I am currently working on in various questions.

But what actually distinguishes the elementary power of colours? Please have a look for yourself!

Arbeitstitel 4/2020, 60 x 57 cm -
Arbeitstitel 5/2020, 60 x 82 cm -
Arbeitstitel 4/2020, 122 x 81 cm -
in Arbeit 2020 -
Swedagon, 41 x 61 cm, 2020 -
in Arbeit 2020 -
in Arbeit 2020 -
in Arbeit 2020 -


Since March 2020 I have been using the unexpectedly "extra" time for a very complex series of works in the studio.
My theme: The complementary contrasts.
I try to elicit the greatest possible increase of light, energy and colour intensity from my paintings. My answers to these extraordinary challenges.

Der schräge Komplementär, 2020 -
Chromatische Phantasie, 2020 -
Arbeitstitel 5/2020 -
Arbeitstitel IV, 2020 -
Ins Licht ins Leben, 2020 -
Lebenslicht -
Complementum 2020 -
Ein Tag im Mai, 2020 -
Paradoxon oder Farbmacht, 2020 -
Harmonisches Leuchten -
Arbeitstitel 4/2020 -
Licht aus Farbe, 2020  -
Arbeitstitel I, 2020 -
Swedagon 2020 -
Arbeitstitel III, 2020 -
Frühling, 2020 -
Arbeitstitel 3/2020 -
Scharein über seinen Corona Zyklus